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No One Dies is an 11 page, single-player rpg where you play as a specific character, Vates, a sort of ritual guide for rebels. The game's mechanics feel a bit ritual, and it's primarily a storytelling experience, but the writing is strong, and I think it works as a thing to be read even if it's not played.

The game has a gorgeous cover and layout, and the gameplay consists of describing the lives of fictional saints, and then using a deck of cards to generate prayer.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see something different in game design. No One Dies sits at a strange intersection between poetry and eulogy and imagination, and it's one worth visiting.


What an awesome concept and how wonderfully executed! I've done one full game and churned out three poems from it, and I found myself mourning every saint I constructed. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge the randomized poem-structure guidelines present; having to condense down a short biography into only a few lines is hard, but it's especially fun when you've only got two lines to do it, and one of them has to be only three feet! Very well done!


Such a wonderful way to honor the past and embolden myself as a "soldier". Can't wait to keep working my way through the whole deck of cards


Just bought it on the name alone, lol <3  Thank you for being part of the bundle! 


Thanks so much for your support, I hope you like it! 


super cool! love the structure it provides and how atypical it is as a single-player RPG.


thanks so much! I'm glad you like it!!